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Zen Tubing

Voted Best River Tubing in Asheville, NC!

Zen Tubing

Experience French Broad River Tubing

Zen Tubing

Voted Best River Tubing in Asheville, NC!

Zen Tubing

Join us for a Relaxing Day of Tubing in Asheville, N.C.

Zen Tubing

Voted Best River Tubing in Asheville, NC!

Zen Tubing

Enjoy the South with Asheville Tubing

Zen Tubing

Voted Best River Tubing in Asheville, NC!

Zen Tubing

Voted Best River Tubing in Asheville, NC!

Featured Floats Tubing Asheville, N.C.

Float the French Broad River with Zen Tubing

Get in touch with your inner tube while tubing in Asheville, N.C.

Floating the French Broad River with Zen Tubing is one of the favorite Asheville, NC activities – for locals and visitors alike! We’ll help you make the most out of your day on the river with family and friends.

Tubing near Asheville, NC is easy – just park at your chosen location and check-in. Then we’ll take you upstream to the starting point, where you’ll receive your tube, get some brief instructions, and begin your float.

Along the way, stop to swim, wade, and hang out to enjoy all the French Broad River has to offer! Your car will be waiting for you at the end of your Asheville tubing trip.  

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Before You Float 


Family Fun

We love tubing with Zen! The tubes have headrests so they’re super comfortable when you're floating down the river. You can strap your tube to the others in your group. The river is wide, water is clear, and has just the right amount of “rapids.” Tons of relaxing fun! Would highly recommend Zen Tubing for a fun float down the French Broad River.

– Lisa S. ✽ Tripadvisor
Always a Good Time!

I've tubed with Zen 3 times now and I've done both locations. If you want a longer ride, I would go with Midtown location. The South Asheville location was awesome, but only about 2 hours (which goes by really fast while you're tubing). Pro tip: purchase the $5 cooler float to bring along all your drinks and snacks for the best time. Highly recommend!

– Kacie C. ✽ Tripadvisor
Great Group Activity

We loved this as our bachelorette party activity! Wonderful customer service, lots of employees in clearly marked shirts we could ask for help. The tubes came with buckles so it's easy to stay together, along with the cooler holder tube. Well thought out and convenient. Beautiful scenery! All-around gorgeous & relaxing time. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this!

– Jean L. ✽ Tripadvisor
Highly Recommend

Had a great time with Zen Tubing. Did both float trips two weekends in a row. Staff are friendly, courteous, and helpful. Thanks to Ray Ray for helping us out. Can't wait to go back again! Highly recommend! The trip was make the best of it....find a rock or small island to stop at down the river and have a snack or just chill out! Good times.

– Dave F. ✽ Tripadvisor
Weekend Highlight

This was so relaxing and fun with beautiful scenery - a great way to spend a summer day! The directions were easy, and check in and transportation was well-organized and smooth. Definitely grab an oar to help navigate if needed. The best way to stay together it to hook your tubes together, and be sure to get the cooler tube. Bring extra sunscreen!

– DRM ✽ Tripadvisor
Fun for All Ages

We're a family of 12, and the ages in our group ranged from 4 to 69. This was definitely an excellent activity for the entire family / people of all ages! We brought along a cooler and had our lunch on the river. Online reservations were easy to make. We had a great time floating down the river. It is a great value for a family activity! Worth the trip.

– Judy T. ✽ Tripadvisor
We Had a Blast!

This was a great experience. The staff was friendly, gave great directions, and it was a self-paced experience. Cruising down the French Broad was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Not on our original agenda but glad we went. Bring beverages and any snacks in waterproof coolers! Water isn't too deep water and everyone has access to life jackets.

– QVCGirl ✽ Tripadvisor
A Must-Do

This is definitely a thing TO DO while in Asheville. If you don't have the "expertise" to want to kayak, this is perfect for anyone- you just sit and enjoy as the river does all the work! Bring a cooler of drinks and get the cooler float. We recommend doing the waivers online before you go, saves time when you get there. More than worth the cheap price!

– David H. ✽ Tripadvisor
Zentastic Tubing

Zen is definitely the word for it!! The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. Quick check-in. Very friendly staff. It's definitely a good relaxing experience for a group or a date. The elements were perfect. It was a beautiful, leisurely trip down the the river. We loved it! Highly recommend Zen Tubing if you're looking for a fun day on the water.

– Kita B. ✽ Tripadvisor